Tumble Drier

Easy access

All vital parts have easy access from the front and rear for simple servicing. The drum suspension is Sturdy and has double sealed bearings and belt drive. In the front of the drum, two supporting rollers increase the stability of the drum.

Customized user panels

Customized user panels ensure the perfect solution for your specific needs. Temperature, time, programme, reverse drum action on/off and adjustment of cool down for easy operation can be Individually selected.

Easy loading and unloading

The large diameter of the door opening on our tumble dryers ensures easy loading and unloading. For maximum accessibility, the door opens to nearly 180°. The door can be either hinged to the right or left-hand side for optimal flow in the laundry.

Lower Utility and Labor Costs

Our tumblers achieve the perfect balance between drying temperature,airflow pattern and usable cylinder space for maximum energy effciency, shortening drying times - and reducing your utility and labur costs.