Linen Folder

  1. Fully automatic and intelligent control system with big LCD screen enables extremely effiecient Linen folding.
  2. Five times of folding can be finished under the monitor of computer controller. Times of horizontal folding and vertical folding can     be programmed according to requirements for the linen.
  3. This folder uses the high intelligence infrared testing system, instead of the traditional mechanical pulse counting device.
  4. It can work together with various types of Flat work & Chest heated ironers.
  5. With the function of double channels folding, this folder can improve the ironing and folding capacity of small linen, and lower the energy consumption.
  6. It has self-diagnosis function, perfect safe-protection system, and self-maintenance for testing points.
  7. Computer board uses relay output and it doesn't need middle relay, which reduces faulty points and is easy for maintenance.
  8. All control components use 24V D, which is safe and reliable.
  9. All control valves are air controlled.
  10. Many safety switch ensure safe operation and maintenance.