Chest Heated Ironer

Y3300ZC high speed ironer with double chests is a new product with a large roller(the diameter is 1300mm). The main components are imported. It has the advantages of high efficiency, satisfying ironing result, high reliability and safety and low cost. It is suitable to iron sheet,quit cover, table cloth and other large fabrics.This is one of the biggest of the ironer ever produced in the market. 

High quality ironing result

The precise structure of double chests, spring and heating proof felt ensure the rollers to keep enough elasticity and spring cushion. This creates the surface well-touched. It is introduced by a unique level device on the cylinder to create pressure which ensures the working rollers and the chests to keep balance pressure for getting high quality ironing.

Reliable and safe operation system

The ironer is installed a safe clag plate to keep fingers away. If an operator pushed the safe clag plate, the machine can be shut down immediately. Anti-curliness device can prevent the fabrics curling in the chests. When the machine is in a case, it can be turn off immediately, then raise the rollers, the operator can take out the fabrics to prevent the fabrics in the chests.