PERC Dry Cleaning Machine

Computerized control system of sixth generation with separated manual operations. Easy to use, totally programmable, with a series of particular programs studied within the factory. A practical system to save and copy special programs, studied to operate in case of power interruption. Closed circuit integrated with heat pump, used in the drying phase and reduction of solvent steams. Made of the best quality stainless steel system for the recovery of distillation heat during the continuous distillation. The heat produced during the distillation is used to warm the air during the drying phase and reach the condenser at lower temperature. It allows saving both of energy and cooling water. An option that compensate thanks to saving in operating costs of energy and water.

High Efficient solvent recovery

High level recoveries close to 99.6% provide a very low and workable cost per Garment. Provision to habdle all types of wash processes,with alternate and continues distillation facility, drying tunnel, stillcondenser housing, separator, basket and convertible distiller in stainless steel, large nylon and discoloration.

Greater G Force

The design of larger wash basket with smaller depths ensures more stability and vibration even on highest extraction speeds and on greater G force.

Eco Friendly

Eco friendly dual lint filter, large loading door with automatic locking and automatic tank to tank solvent transfer.