Hydro Carbon Dry Cleaning

Our fully auto Hydrocarbon Environmental-friendly Drycleaning Machine’s performance index has reached the world advanced level, hydrocarbon solvent is colorless, nontoxic and helpful to the environment protection, which is the most ideal cleaning equipment for enterprises and institutions to clean leather garments and high-grade garments.

Major Features:

  1. Thanks to the suspended shock absorbing system, the equipment performs with low noise, minimum vibration, quick recovery and low solvent consumption.
  2. Speed controlled by inverter. Compact structure. Stable running speed. Different speeds of cleaning, distributing and spinning for different textiles.
  3. Computer control adopted. Man-machine interface. Automatic control for cleaning, draining, spinning, drying and cooling is available.
  4. The whole running of the machine including cleaning, drying, cooling and distilling is under the vacuum condition, which is controlled by vacuum detecting device. It will automatically make the vacuum supplement by vacuum pumping if the vacuum readout is lower than the set point. The machine can stop running to ensure safety and reliability in case of no vacuum inside.